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a boating holiday canal boatNarrowboat features


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Built to last

The narrowboats featured here are built from steel and each one hand fitted out internally by craftsmen.

Home from home equipment

The inventory includes a full range of crockery and kitchen equipment through to bedding and a first aid kit.

On - boat entertainment

All the boats have radio and colour television with some also benefiting from CD and video or DVD players. (Full details are given in the brochures and on the websites.)

Warmth and comfort

All featured boats are centrally heated with hot water at the turn of a tap.

bedroom on a boating holiday'Main' style electricity

The main facilities on board are powered by 12 volt electricity, generated and stored from when the engine is running. (Like a car) Certain boats have additional equipment that use 240 volt electricity provided by means of an on - board invertor, such as a toaster, microwave or domestic hairdryer. (Full details are given in the brochures and on the websites.)

Star Quality

All the boats operating by UK Boating Holiday companies are Tourist Board inspected and given an English Tourism Council star rating each year so you can be assured that the highest standards are maintained.

A 70 ft narrowboat weighs about 18 tonnes, so there is no weight-saving required when fitting it out! You will find that kitchens are all fitted with cookers, fridges and kitchen equipment of domestic size and quality - just like a holiday cottage.



Rear decks

One factor you may find a preference for is the style of the rear deck. The cruiser stern is very open - easier for getting on and off if a larger group are making a lot of stops (e.g. doing many locks). The semi-traditional stern has an enclosed seating area, useful for when there are small children on board.

Cruiser stern (1)
Cruiser stern (2)
Semi-Traditional stern


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